Regional Food Systems

Local Food Systems

The Regional Food Systems program focuses on the activities that result in the production and exchange of food in North Central Washington. These include farming, processing, storage, distribution, and transportation; food access via farmer’s markets, grocery stores, restaurants, and institutions; cooking and preservation; and food recycling.

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Nature of NCW

Nature of Place

The Nature of Place in North Central Washington celebrates the diversity of lands, life and culture that makes this region special. Ecologically, it’s a rich blend of four ecoregions – the North Cascades, Columbia Plateau, Okanagan, and East Cascades. Culturally, it’s a place where people come together to learn, share, and get things done.

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Healthy Lands

Healthy Lands

The Healthy Lands program brings the agricultural, land conservation, economic development and planning community together to create innovative approaches for balancing the needs of cities, towns, and working farms, forests, and ranches with those of the native plant and wildlife communities that characterize North Central Washington.

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