Nature of Place

The Nature of Place in North Central Washington celebrates the diversity of lands, life and culture that makes this region special. Ecologically, it’s a rich blend of four ecoregions – the North Cascades, Columbia Plateau, Okanagan, and East Cascades. Culturally, it’s a place where people come together to learn, share, and get things done.

Appreciating this place from both perspectives can feed a sense of belonging, connection and possibility for the future.

“elegant solutions will be founded on the uniqueness of place”

-- John Todd


Connecting with Nature

Connecting with Nature focuses on the diversity of life that makes our region unique at regional and local levels.

What patterns distinguish the region from others in Washington and the greater Northwest? What patterns are similar? What natural community types or species characterize the area? How do they differ from those found in the regions that surround North Central Washington? Find out how you can develop a similar program in your own watershed or county.

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Gathering our Voice

Gathering Our Voice is a community-based storytelling program designed to celebrate and strengthen our shared sense of place. We aim to build a network of story gatherers and storytellers to collect and preserve stories of economic, community, and environmental stewardship in North Central Washington. We believe these stories of successful stewardship teach us about our values and strengths, and inspire us to take actions that create equal or better opportunities for future generations. Together, IRIS and our partners will gather the stories that contribute to a vital future in this place. Learn more by reading the project framework.

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Witnessing Change

Witnessing Change is a program that enables visitors to see the landscapes of this region through the eyes of a land manager working to improve the health of the land.

Citizens are invited to visit locations in the Witnessing Change network, take photos at designated places along the trail and then upload their photos to the website, where they can be compared with others being used to evaluate success of management actions. Learn more from the Witnessing Change Program Brief.

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