Regional Food Systems

The Regional Food Systems program focuses on the activities that result in the production and exchange of food in North Central Washington (NCW). These include farming, processing, storage, distribution, and transportation; food access via farmer’s markets, grocery stores, restaurants, and institutions; cooking and food preservation; and food recycling through gleaning, food banks, and soup kitchens.

IRIS is working with an array of partners to promote the development of a regional network that connects farmers and consumers through the development of a directory as well as workshops and other special events.

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North Central Washington Regional Food System Baseline Assessment

Final Report »

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Listen to an 8 minute clip (MP3) of Mary O'Brien (pictured) from the Waterville Plateau in Douglas County talking with Nancy Warner about food preservation, as heard on KOHO in 2006.

NCW Food Coalition

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“There is a profound social interest in creating genuine opportunity in our rural communities and a future for family farming and ranching.”

-- Chuck Hassebrook, Director, Center for Rural Affairs

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